Paper Blend Sanding wheel cod.114 for raw wood

Consisting of one or two abrasive paper flaps and one non woven flap, glued radially around a bakelite core. This range is suitable for all types of work thanks to the action of the abrasive non woven material combined with the abrasive action of the paper. This product has been studied to guarantee maximum efficiency in treating contoured shapes. Resistant and able to shape itself perfectly to any contour, it is also able to regenerate itself while it works, leaving no residuals. Ideal for pine as well.

Outside diameter 110 150 200 250 300 350 400 450
Inside diameter 25 50 76 115 150/127 200 250 300
Maximum speed 5000 3200 2500 2200 1900 1600 1400 1100

  • A/O - S/C

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