Flap wheels cod.332 for hard metals

This wheels are used for deburring metals and for finishing flat and shaped surfaces. They are used especially for deburring and grinding process on tubes, tanks, printed parts and turbine blades of steel. Applications: aluminium. Titanium, iron, various steels, plastics and fiberglass.

Sizes available 100x25 165x20 200x20 250x20 300x20
  100x30 165x25 200x25 250x25 300x25
  100x50 165x30 200x30 250x30 300x30
  100x100 165x50 200x40 250x40 300x40
    165x75 200x50 250x50 300x50
    165x100 200x75 250x75 300x75
      200x100 250x100 300x100
Maximum speed 7600 4600 3800 3000 2500

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