Our company NORD EST ABRASIVI was founded in 2000 but the experience of the Owner Giuseppe Bagatin, started in 1975, while working as Technologist for a Leader Abrasive Company.

During those years the sanding process on wooden profiles was mainly done by hand polishing, with the invention of polyurethane wheels the sanding process has been revolutionized, more frequently it's done with sanding machines with sanding wheels forgetting hand finishing. This Company was absorbed by an important abrasives' multinational corporation leader in abrasive technology and new materials research till today.

This experience has contributed in a definitive way with technical knowledge and big passion for this job resulted in Mr. Bagatin to found the company NORD EST ABRASIVI. From the beginning NORD EST ABRASIVI has chosen the most difficult and ambitious way to manufacture an EXCELLENT product.

We all know that in order to create the highest quality product big investment is necessary, not only of economic type, but in human resource, products and precise quality control etc. It's a big engagement of energy and resources that culminates in an excellent product.