Rusticanting and aging wood

Our Company is in position to provide the customer with brushes employed for " RUSTIC BRUSHING AND AGING PROCESS " of rough wood.

Our raw materials (stainless steel and abrasive wires) are chosen in order to satisfy the customer and give the chance to obtain several results in order to confer wood a real rustic effect.

For getting an aged look on wood surface we suggest a three steps process:
1 - Brushing of wood, with superficial removal of material.
2 - Rusticating, very deep scratch on wood surface.
3 - Aging process, the wood structure is emphasized by scratching the softer part of wood and recreating a real aged look.

Our highly qualified technical team will be glad to suggest you the best solution for your needs, following the customer during the application process in order to reach a high quality result.

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For achieving a real aged effect we suggest a two step process, beginning with a steel brush followed by an abrasive wire brush. Horse hair, nylon and tampico brushes are suitable too. We are able to set up our brushes with all types of raw materials, as abrasive wire with cloth, steel wire mixed with abrasive wire etc... Available grits: form P36 till P1000, Density: under request. The central core is in plastic material filled with all types of wires.


NYLON (polyamide) - It's very flexible and doesn't lose its initial shape after working.

ABRASIVE WIRE - It's composed of abrasive grains in a nylon base. The abrasive grain can be of two types: silicon carbide and aluminium oxyde. Silicon carbide is very aggressive, suitable for wood parts removal; aluminium oxide has a round structure, for this reason it's recommended for metal polishing.

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