Surface inspection lamp

Lights for surface inspection and quality control. These special lamps thanks to their particular light beam allow the operator to easily identify shadings and faults thus reducing production time and improving quality at the same time. Neon light doesn't allow the eye to notice imperfection or defects on the surface. When the eye gets used to the light wavelenght it is called "flat effect". Our inspection lamps identify all kind of defects saving your time and decreasing defective finished products.

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Each lamp is equipped with a special glazed four parabola lights. The light bolder is placed on a support you can adjust both in height and inclination. It is also provided with an anti-duzzle screen: eyes avoid therefore direct contact with light beams. The four arm support base makes the appliance very steady and safe. It is also equipped with four adjustable feet which can be replaced with swivelling wheels upon request (D.L.626).


LAMP housing standard production: 2x55W.STD. - 2x55W.Plus30 - 4x33W.STD. - 4x55W.Plus30
LAMP housing custom production: 4x100W.Plus30 - 6x100W.Plus30 - 6x55W.Plus30 - 6x55w.Plus30 - 8x55w.Plus30 - 8x55w.Plus30

LAMP: 4 alogen lamp H3-12V 55W; 2 output safety transformers (doulble Insulated) 220/230V 12V CEI norm; Fuse protection 1.5 Amp, nominal current 1.25A; Protection level lP 44.

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